What Mark Zuckerberg Could’ve Bought With $1 Billion
The entire New York Times, says Reuters’ Jack Shafer
The ability to buy out New York Times CEO Janet Robinson 42 times
800 of AOL’s Microsoft’s patents
Roughly 1,250 GSA West Coast Conferences
Shell’s Debt on Iranian Oil
The cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease
Solo Cups (the company) 
The amount BP has pledged toward Gulf Restoration
A better 911 program in New York City
Soccer team Real Madrid’s Island in the UAE
The winnings of every Powerball jackpot in 2007
45% of a B-2 Bomber
68 Lebron Jameses , 40 Kobe Bryants, and 83 Albert Pujolses
All of J.Lo’s love (it’s gratis!)